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Meclay London Thick & Dense Conditioner 180ML

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    Product Specification

    • Meclay London Thick & Dense Conditioner adds volume and thickness to hair.
    • Contains a unique blend of Collagen, Keratin, Biotin and Yogurt Powder.
    • A deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with fillers.
    • Helps to fill in broken or thin areas on each hair strand to make hair appear fuller.
    • Hair Therapy for a 100% thicker looking hair.
    • A nourishing formula for fuller and healthier hair
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    Meclay London's Thick & Dense Conditioner gently boosts thin hair's body and volume. This nourishing formula contains collagen to reinforce strands, keratin to restore, biotin to reduce shedding and yogurt to feed follicles. Together these ingredients thicken each hair fiber from the inside out.

    The star of the conditioner is its hair-filling composition. As the formula coats strands, it adheres to slender areas to add density. This fills gaps and crevices along the hair length for a fuller finish even after one use. With regular conditioning, the fillers bind to rebuild delicate strands piece by piece. Hair steadily transforms from flat to fabulously thick.

    What also makes this conditioner ideal for fine hair is its caring ingredients. Meclay avoids harsh chemicals, instead choosing natural proteins, vitamins and minerals. This formula won't dry out hair over time but rather improve its health. As limp locks grow stronger, fuller and shinier, so does your confidence. Now vibrant, voluminous hair is easy and safe to achieve at home.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Kanwal Iftikhar
    Meclay London shampoo and conditioner

    Both products are amazing .
    You guys are doing great job!👍👏👏

    Sonia Insram

    Meclay London Thick & Dense Conditioner 180ML

    Emaan Azher

    Meclay London Thick & Dense Conditioner 180ML

    Hafiz Bilal

    Its amazing ..thanks for deliver

    Itx Waderiii

    Meclay London Thick & Dense Conditioner 180ML

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